Ophthalmic Medications

eyecare   The compounding of ophthalmic medications is a sterile and sensitive procedure that requires expert technique and highly specified equipment that is only available at dedicated pharmacies with appropriate capabilities. At Akina Pharmacy, all ophthalmic medications are prepared in an ISO Class 5 environment by highly trained technicians that are certified and frequently evaluated for proper aseptic technique. Any medication that is to be administered to your eye(s) must be sterile and must go through rigorous Quality Control procedures. To maintain the health of your eyes, it is crucial to select a team that cares the way you do, and a team with the fundamental resources and proficiencies to provide a best-in-class sterile compound. therapy   Commercially available products found at your retail pharmacy may not be suitable to treat your eye condition for a variety of reasons. You may have sensitivities or allergies to certain preservatives in which case we will prepare the needed medication without the aggravating preservatives.  If an FDA approved product is on a long term back order or is discontinued by the manufacturer, we are able to reliably fill in the gaps. You may be diagnosed with a rare eye condition, such as Acanthamoeba keratitis, that can only be treated by a compounded medication in which multiple active ingredients are employed. Individualized strengths and convenient dosage forms have the potential to improve the outcome of your therapy. Dosage forms that are available include eye drops, ophthalmic gels, ophthalmic ointments, and ophthalmic injections.

COMMON EYE CONDITIONS TREATED BY COMPOUNDED MEDICATIONS leaf BulletGlaucoma                                             leaf BulletPannus leaf BulletHepatic Keratitis                                 leaf BulletConjunctivitis leaf BulletFungal/Viral Eye Infections            leaf BulletMacular Degeneration

COMMONLY PRESCRIBED COMPOUNDED MEDICATIONS leaf BulletAcetylcysteine                             leaf BulletAvastin® (Bevacizumab) leaf BulletCyclosporine                                leaf BulletDemacarium Bromide leaf BulletDexamethasone                         leaf BulletEdetate Disodium leaf BulletFluconazole                                  leaf BulletInterferon Alpha leaf BulletIdoxuridine                                   leaf BulletMitomycin leaf BulletVancomycin