Men?s Health


attitude ? ? Many men experience health issues that they may not actively be seeking care for or that they simply think there is no real solution for. Pharmacy compounding is a gateway to resolving certain conditions or symptoms that you may be dealing with. At Akina Pharmacy, along with the treatment of many other male oriented health issues, we are very knowledgeable in the treatment of Andropause, also referred to as male menopause, and Erectile Dysfunction.

Andropause?in aging men closely resembles menopause in women in many aspects ? physiologically and symptomatically. Testosterone levels progressively decrease with age while estrogen levels may even begin to increase in some men. This change in hormone levels can manifest itself in a number of ways such as altered body composition (decreased muscle mass and increased fat mass), less energy, little to no sex drive, night sweats, mood changes, and diminished cognitive function. If you feel like you may be going through this and it is affecting your daily functioning, testosterone supplementation may be right for you. We encourage you to speak to your physician or to one of our knowledgeable pharmacists about what options may be right for you. We have the necessary tools to prepare topical lotions, creams, gels, and solutions with the strength that specifically caters to your needs. Along with aging, or as a result of another underlying medical condition, men may suffer from?erectile dysfunction. This is one condition that some men are dramatically affected by and it?s important to be aware of all the possible solutions. You are certainly not alone in what you are dealing with. If you have tried one or more commercially available products that you are not satisfied with, or that simply do not work for you, you have not reached the end of the road. Compounded medications offer more hopeful options that are customized especially for you. We will work diligently with your urologist or primary care physician to find the best solution. It?s time to feel invigorated again and enjoy life. ?