Foot And Ankle Care


foot ? ? An average person will take about 7,000 steps in one day, so in an average lifetime, a person would have been able to tread around the earth by foot more than 4 times over. Constant wear and tear or acute injuries can be the cause of troublesome foot and ankle pain and many other foot and ankle conditions. Keeping your feet healthy is integral to an active and more fruitful lifestyle. Experiencing pain or any other unusual condition should not be neglected and we encourage you to be fully engaged with your physician and pharmacist to prevent, treat, or cure a suspected disorder. We advocate patient education and proactive involvement so that you can be as healthy as possible. Visit, an educational consumer website provided by The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, where you can stay up to date on proper foot and ankle care and learn more about your foot and ankle conditions??using their interactive diagram. After a visit with your podiatrist, we will be your partners in getting you back and track headed to where you want to be. We are a full service pharmacy and specialize in providing regularly compounded medications to treat conditions including foot and ankle care treatments such as: leaf BulletFungal Infections ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?leaf BulletOnychomycosis leaf BulletArthritis/Inflammation ? ? ??leaf BulletBlisters leaf BulletDiabetic Neuropathy ? ? ? ? ? ?leaf BulletNeuropathic Sprains leaf BulletWarts ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? leaf BulletFoot and Ankle Pain leaf BulletPlantar Warts ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??leaf BulletHyperhidrosis ? ? ? ?

formulations ? ? Unlike most commercially available foot and ankle care drugs for podiatric conditions, compounded medications allow the prescriber to harness the benefits of multiple active ingredients into one preparation. This means customized treatments, more effective therapy, and greater compliance. leaf BulletCombination Therapy Multiple active ingredients, based on compatibility, can be combined into a single dosage form. This provides a multi-fold benefit by increasing compliance, allowing for easier administration, reducing or removing the need for monitoring, and increasing effectiveness through ?synergy between combined active ingredients. leaf BulletTopical/Transdermal Therapy Research shows that some medications, such as NSAIDs (Ketoprofen), when expertly compounded into an appropriate vehicle and topically applied, achieve therapeutic levels at the target area. Topical therapy allows us to combine multiple ingredients into one formulation, and is then applied to the directly problem area. Systemic concentrations are dramatically reduced after topical administration compared to oral administration. This removes or ?reduces unwanted side effects that you may experience after taking a medication orally. leaf BulletNail Removal Non-surgical removal of diseased nails using cost effective topically applied Urea Cream leaf BulletFungal Infections and Warts Agressive combination therapy to effectively treat stubborn infections of the foot ?