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Does Akina Pharmacy perform sterility testing on its compounded sterile medications?

April 2, 2018

Akina Pharmacy has contracted a third-party analytical lab to conduct sterility, endotoxin, and potency testing on compounded medications in accordance with USP <71> Sterility Test and USP <85> Bacterial Endotoxin.
What other measures does Akina Pharmacy take to ensure the quality of service and the quality of compounded medications?
Akina Pharmacy far exceeds the guidelines of USP <797> And USP <795> in an effort to exceed the expectations of patients and providers. We also have systems, procedures and processes in place, such as:

  • ADR reporting system with an ability to analyze trends and implement a corrective action plan if necessary
  • Formal Drug Recall System
  • Biannual reviews of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Certificate of Analysis is obtained for every chemical received by the pharmacy
  • Mandatory continuing education for all team members on the latest compounding trends and procedures
  • Formal Customer Incident Management systems consisting of a formal investigation of
    the incident and a corrective/preventative action plan