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Is Akina Pharmacy an accredited compounding pharmacy?

April 2, 2018

Yes. Akina Pharmacy has successfully passed the demanding national accreditation process of the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) administered by ACHC for sterile and non-sterile compounding. All pharmacies are licensed to compound medications, however PCAB-certified pharmacies have gone above and beyond to demonstrate a devout dedication to quality assurance, quality control, quality improvement. A comprehensive evaluation of the entire pharmacy and personnel by an authorized ACHC agent reviews and validates some of the following:

  • Compliance with USP <797> guidelines for sterile compounding and with USP <795> for non-sterile compounding
  • Assessment of pharmacy’s procedures for properly training all staff and maintaining staff competency through routine training and testing
  • Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from FDA registered facilities are used in preparing all compounds
  • Independent lab testing is conducted on a regular basis to test for potency and appropriate beyond use dating
  • Independent lab testing is conducted to test the sterility of all sterile preparations
  • All equipment is routinely calibrated and tested by a third party agency
  • Viable air sampling is conducted biannually by a qualified operator
  • Surface sampling and air quality for compounding area, ante room, and clean room checked biannually by a qualified operator