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The Values That Make Us Who We Are

Akina Pharmacy's Core Identity Values

We are devoted to serving others for the greater good. Every day, we come to work to take care of others and to offer the best service possible. We step outside of ourselves to put the needs of others first, making each individual feel special. We always find a way to go the extra mile because that’s what we are all about. We do whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of those we serve. This applies to our fellow Akinians, too. We are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. By serving each other, we are most prepared to serve our patients and providers, creating a ripple effect of goodness.

We bring humanity to work every day. We have a genuine concern for the needs of others and we take the time to listen to their perspective, although it may be different than our own. This allows us to be patient under stress and deliver the level of service that our patients, providers, and colleagues deserve. It also allows us to focus on development and progress. We are kind because we know what it feels like when others are kind to us. We listen because it’s the gateway to understanding others. When we are compassionate to others, compassion finds its way to us. Always kind. Always human. Always compassionate.

Always at attention and ready for action! Plain and simple – we show up everyday ready to make a difference and we move with a sense of purpose and urgency.  We are self-starters and do not wait for someone else to notice an issue. Initiative is taken immediately, independently, and with confidence. We are focused and energetic with a can-do attitude. We never quit and we possess an iron resolve in the face of challenges and adversities. This makes us reliable to our patients, to our providers, and to each other. We are go-getters who take ownership of this business and the direction it’s headed in.

We do not settle for anything less than excellence. We are not satisfied with average or “good enough”. Excellence is the bar we set for every single thing we do. We make the best product that works best for our patients. We offer the best customer service because there’s no other choice in our eyes. We are careful to implement the best systems and processes that allow for excellent performance. We are fanatical in our pursuit of excellence and attention to detail. We cannot help but to go above and beyond to do it right. Our eyes are always peeled for how we can do something better. Why? Because everything matters, and there is no detail too small. We obsessively check everything three times to ensure its accuracy, down to the decimal point. We do the right thing, the first time, regardless of the time and effort required, even when no one is watching us.