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Core Values

Akina Pharmacy's Core Identity Values

Akina is meticulous, precise and conscientious in terms of the exact–and exacting–science of pharmaceutical compounding, business operations and human resource development.

As a pharmacist-owned business, Akina is growing deliberately and sustainably in order to remain agile. We offer personal and compassionate service, by doing things like shipping medicine before it has even been paid for, if necessary, and working with patients unable to afford their medicine. We work closely with doctors to create solutions that best serve the healthcare plan for their patients.

We guarantee safe, secure facilities, best practices, information security and cutting-edge equipment to create medicine that is reliably, consistently and meticulously produced.

Leadership and staff knowledge, experience, and expertise inspire confidence in our work, our people, our customers, and our patients. This level of confidence leads to peace of mind, which reduces stress, aids in healing, and promotes health.Doctors are confident that we will deliver fairly priced, meticulously compounded medicines quickly and efficiently, every time.

Akina is committed to our employees and industry, as well as our clients and patients. We strive to treat our employees like trusted family members and work to build solid, long term relationships with our clients and patients, who trust us with their business and their health.

Akina staff members are interested, informed and engaged—they care about their customers and patients. They take both a local and global view of the community and the world, and are curious and motivated scientists, chemists, organizers, leaders, communicators and managers. At Akina, we are culturally competent and able to evaluate factors that affect a patient’s adherence to taking medicine as well as factors that might affect a patient’s ability to take the medicine, such as lifestyle, language barriers, diet considerations, and more.

Our level of transparency is not driven by regulatory compliance (although certainly we meet or exceed those guidelines), but by our purpose driven philosophy.

Quality is required in our business, but Akina’s Dzexcellence in all thingsdz philosophy stems from an intrinsic drive to do the right thing—and do it at the highest level. That extends from pharmaceutical compounding to handling insurance claims forour clients to running our own business.

Akina staff members are dynamic, engaged, knowledgeable and work hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to state-of-the-art technology, medicines, solutions and processes. Our goal is not to keep up— but to define what’s next. That includes prevention as well as healing.

As a trusted member of a patient’s healthcare team, Akina knows how important it is to be honest, ethical and reliable at all times. If a medicine is not working, then that plan of care will not succeed for the patient. It’s that simple. From life saving drugs to precision medicines that ease symptoms and improve quality of life, Akina knows that trust is the main ingredient in everything we do.

We want to help people get well. We want to help doctors maintain their practices so they can diagnose and treat more patients. We want employees to be happy and fulfilled. These things don’t happen strictly by the numbers. It’s a result of personal contact very few businesses can offer, and Akina is proud to be one of them.