Akina Pharmacy at Superbones East 3-13-15

People have been asking us here at Superbones east in Orlando,

?What makes Afootcare-boxkina different from other compounding pharmacies??


We love to answer that question. Akina is different in that our #1 goal is providing your patients with a memorable experience. That means we go above and beyond to exceed their expectations, making it easier on not only the patient, but on the doctor as well.

  1. We contact the patient within an hour from receiving the prescription.
  2. We accept all types of insurance including Medicare Part D. We even call their insurance provider and handle all prior authorizations so that they don?t have too.
  3. Your patients will have the medication in their hands within 24 hours. We don?t want your patients to have to wait for their medication.
  4. We?ll even follow up with your patients to see how their treatment is going.

This type of diligent service provides a customer service not common with other compounding pharmacies. It makes Akina Pharmacy stand out while other pharmacies are gradually paying less attention to the patient. Akina provides a world class level of service and high quality compounded medications you can trust. Rest assured that your patients are receiving the best care possible.

March 14, 2015 EVENTS
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