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Purpose Driven to Serve You

Meticulously Compounded Medications.

Akina Specialty Pharmacy is purpose driven to provide physicians, specialists and their patients, with the highest quality, most meticulously compounded medications and exceptional service. Akina is thoughtful and conscientious in every aspect of our business, from patient care to staff and business development in order to provide best care for patients, ensure peace of mind and offer affordable solutions. Every day, we strive to facilitate happiness and encourage well-being.

Akina. For the Care of Mind & Body

  • Counseling you about your medicine to answer your questions and encourage health and well being.
  • Providing you with exactly the right medicine at exactly the right time.
  • Making compounded medications affordable for you, with or without insurance.
  • Investing in the latest and best sterile compounding technology and equipment to ensure we can meet your needs. As a dedicated compounding facility, we are not focused on the retail or operate a “front end” focused on commercial medications. We are only focused on providing the best medicine for you.
  • Offering a dedicated customer care team so there is always one point of contact to save you time, hassle and money.
  • Handling insurance claims quickly and efficiently.

Areas of Excellence