In today?s market, most commercially available drugs are manufactured in bulk by pharmaceutical companies that target large segments of patients. When a patient has a specific medical condition that cannot be treated by a commercially available drug, you are faced with a challenge as a prescriber. Pharmacy compounding is a time-honored tradition which allows a pharmacist to provide a very personalized medication to a patient with individual needs when mass produced drugs fall short.? We are here to offer you and your patients a new and innovative avenue towards a solution when options seem scarce. Licensed pharmacists carefully prepare compounded medications in a safe and highly regulated facility. Compounding pharmacists are the only healthcare professionals that are well trained in chemical stabilities and compatibilities and are skilled in offering alternate dosage forms. When your patient requires a customized medication, we will work with you, hand in hand, to bring the novel value of compounding to your patients ? because they need it for a reason.

Why Akina Specialty Pharmacy?

  1. Is Akina Animal Pharmacy PCAB-accredited?

    Akina Pharmacy?has successfully passed the demanding national accreditation process of the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) administered by ACHC for sterile and non-sterile compounding. All pharmacies are licensed to compound medications, however PCAB-certified pharmacies have gone above and beyond to demonstrate a devout dedication to quality assurance, quality control, quality improvement. A comprehensive evaluation of the entire pharmacy and personnel by an authorized ACHC agent reviews and validates some of the following:

    • Compliance with USP <797> guidelines for sterile compounding and with USP <795> for non-sterile compounding
    • Assessment of pharmacy?s procedures for properly training all staff and maintaining staff competency through routine training and testing
    • Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from FDA registered facilities are used in preparing all compounds
    • Independent lab testing is conducted on a regular basis to test for potency and appropriate beyond use dating
    • Independent lab testing is conducted to test the sterility of all sterile preparations
    • All equipment is routinely calibrated and tested by a third party agency
    • Viable air sampling is conducted biannually by a qualified operator
    • Surface sampling and air quality for compounding area, ante room, and clean room are checked biannually by a qualified operator
  2. Does Akina Pharmacy employ a team that is dedicated to quality assurance?

    Akina Pharmacy?employs a dedicated Quality Assurance Program Director who has a support staff to ensure internal auditing. The team is also responsible for proactively initiating improvements to all of our quality assurance policies and procedures.

  3. Does all Akina Pharmacy team members participate in adequate training?

    Yes.?Every single team member is certified as a pharmacy compounding technician and is extensively trained internally and externally on non-sterile compounding techniques and nationally accepted aseptic compounding techniques. All compounding technicians are mandated to pass initial training and testing and also biannual testing to maintain competency. Training and testing is documented for every single Akina Pharmacy?team member.

  4. How does Akina Pharmacy ensure sterility of compounded medications?

    Akina Pharmacy?has contracted a third-party analytical lab to conduct sterility, endotoxin, and potency testing on compounded medications in accordance with USP <71> Sterility Test and USP <85> Bacterial Endotoxin.

  5. What other measures does Akina Pharmacy take to ensure the quality of service and the quality of compounded medications?

    Akina Pharmacy?far exceeds the guidelines of USP <797> And USP <795> in an effort to exceed the expectations of veterinarians and pet patents. We also have systems, procedures and processes in place, such as:

    • ADR reporting system with an ability to analyze trends and implement a corrective action plan if necessary
    • Formal Drug Recall System
    • Biannual reviews of Standard Operating Procedures
    • Certificate of Analysis is obtained for every chemical received by the pharmacy
    • Mandatory continuing education for all team members on the latest compounding trends and procedures
    • Formal Customer Incident Management systems consisting of a formal investigation of the incident and a corrective/preventative action plan

Our Vision

To be the gold standard in specialty pharmaceutical compounding by offering:

  • The best in expert compounding
  • Consistently thoughtful and kind customer care and service excellence
  • Partnership programs that empower medical?practices to grow and patients to thrive

Our Philosophy

To Do the Right Thing, At the Right Time, For the Right Reason, With the Right Feeling, For the Right Person, The First Time?Every Time

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